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Man grows sexually possessive of work computer, gets fired
by Mark on 11/18/2004 (0)

Hi! I'm Heather, and this is my boyfriend Tommy!
DALLAS, TX - Quickyrates auto insurance Co., Inc. claims adjuster Don Levitts loses job after menacing co-workers who approach his workstation PC

Quickyrates general manager Tommy Schmales explains

"At first we didn't know what to make of it. Every time one of my IT guys would sit down at Levitt's workstation to download upgrades, he would snap and snarl, and try to drive them off. We thought he was high on drugs or something. It was really pretty scary."

A closer examination of Levitt's hard drive revealed a large number of downloaded porn clips and adult photo stills

"I guess he got sexually possessive of his PC, and didn't want anyone coming near it. I sorta understand that. I can get the same way...with my wife. But in any case, I don't need that kind of bizzarro behavior in my office. He was told downloading anything off the web that wasn't work related was prohibited here at Quickyrates. I fired his goofy ass."

Capatilizing on the close symbiosis evolving between computer manufacturers and the Internet porn industry, computer case manufacturers N-Lite and Acer are planning a "natural form" line of cases shaped like the naked human body, including "functional mouth, tits and ass."

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