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John Madden announces the Cowturducken
by Mark on 11/20/2004 (0)

"Ya' see that bus there? that's my dinner bus! I've got roast leg of lamb up in there, with mint jelly, rice pilaf, red Merlot, the whole shebang!"
DALLAS, TX - Retired football announcer John Madden announces new culinary phenomena

Madden hefted up a turkey leg like Henry the 8th on an extended Thanksgiving day vacation

"Lemme grab a pencil an' a napkin and I'll show ya' won't believe and Fridge Perry collaborated on this one over T-bones at the Outback Steakhouse in Kansas City...Now look here, you take a chicken like this one, stuff it into this duck here, stuff em' both in a turkey just like this, and cram all three into a whole steer! I call it the Cowturducken. I came with the idea after polishing off a whole turkey after Super Bowl 30 and going home hungry. Hell, if Dion Sanders hadn't stiff armed me at the stuffing bowl they never woulda got me outta there!"

Madden described how food was now his full-time passion after being put out to pasture by Fox, and that football no longer played an important role in his life

"Football? Who needs football! Now like I was sayin', you take Fran Tarkenton, stuff him into Terry Bradshaw, and stuff em' both into Howie Long...and then ya'...oh hey, grab me that bottle of hot sauce, will ya'?!! src="

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