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Boy Lets Fly Walk On His Face, Creeps Everyone Out
by Mark on 12/8/2004 (1)

From Cable Boy to Cable Guy
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - Creepy school kid freaks out classmates.

Krieger froze motionless, a sluggish late-season fly slurping bits of school cafeteria bratwurst and kraut from his right cheek

A classmate, Hans Gruber, tossed a half empty milk carton, whacking Krieger mid forhead with a splashing thud, Krieger madly protesting in an adolescent voice that cracked between girly falsetto highs and masculine baritone lows.

"Hey Krieger, you freak! You are not supposed to let flies walk on your face! They are germ factories, you dumkopf! What the hell is wrong with you, anyway?!"

Accounts rumored that pet flies weren't Krieger's only gut wrenching classroom stunt involving vermin. Tales also told of Krieger turning long blond girl's hair into leashes for pet spiders and keeping a tiny pet cockroach in a styrofoam cup on his desk.

School psychologist Inga Van Hoosen, at an obvious loss, vainly sought to explain Krieger's odd behavior.

"My God, I am not sure what to make of this! There is nothing in his home to explain it. His parents are loving and caring people. I can only surmise he does it for the shock value to get the attention of his classmates. Very, very strange, indeed."

School principal Lars Grooten nonchalantly brushed off Krieger's weird behavior, citing

"Nahh, this is not anything to worry about. I have seen it many, many times in my years. It is just the coming of age. In a few years he will be chasing girls instead, and we will find naked girl pictures in his desk instead of spiders. It is much ado about nothing."

Principal Grooten did quietly murmur, however that "Todd will be in high school then, and I thank dear God I won't be around to see it."?s/tds/go.php?sid=1" w

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