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Picture This!
by Kris on 8/27/2002 (0)

In a day and age where it's the in thing to make fun of others, Smooth Operator has boldly stood up and said, "Me too!" Enjoy the show in this first of many Picture This! episodes.

Disguised in his patented bulldozer suit, Jon looks poised to once again win the national "Hide and Go Seek" championships.

Seeing the rising popularity of 3 foot high wings on cars now days, Steve decided to do one step better and add lumber tied loosely to his car with string, MacGyver style!

The true magic is inside the bottle.

Now equipt in yellow raincoats, not even rotten fruit could stop the "Satan's Left Nut" World Tour.

While his other friends were at the school dance, young Tommy and his mother discovered the wonderous world of glue sniffing.

Everything is fun and games until someone is thrown from a wheel barrow.

Steve's hover-scooter is destined to revolutionize the industry. Sadly, his pants are not.
"0"0" style

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