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Bush Admits Pulling A 'James T Kirk' With Saddam Hussein
by Mark on 2/4/2005 (0)

Talk about weapons of mass destruction... for another 15 minutes or so...
G. Dubya Bush, secure in the presidential saddle as Napoleon at Waterloo, sipped a Bombay Sapphire and tonic and stared glassily at a portrait of Millard Fillmore on a remote White House lower level wall

"Well, seein' that this is my de facto last term, I let ya' all in on a little revelation."

Dubya picked up a VCR remote and activated a DVD of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on a 6 foot pull down projection screen

"Remember the cliff hanger ending to Star Trek II? Khan has Kirk by the balls, and Kirk buys time by askin' silly questions, like when he can download the 'Genesis' program, and pretends he has communication problems and such, just for the sake of stallin' for time...and then he circles around and kicks Khan in the ass from behind? Well I did the same thing with Saddam. Just substitute 'Saddam' for Khan, and 'WMD's' for Genesis and hootin' hell, you've got a war!"

If nothing else, this Bush-Kirk revelation reveals that Star Trek plays a bigger role in not only the human psyche, but in world affairs than ever imagined. Indeed, it would be perfectly safe to claim that every American, from President on down to common citizen, forms personal beliefs and moral decisions based to some degree on popular programming, with the fate of the world as an unwitting recipient.

Such is the supreme pleasure of ultimate power.

Dubya hit the rewind and fast forward keys like a Hum-vee machine gunner, Yahooing

"ya' see that?! Saddam can't think 3-D!! Gotcha by the ass!! Ya' Focker! Ya' can't think 3-D! BWAHA!"

Any attempts reminding Bush that Star Trek was purely a product of the imagination of the deceased writer Gene Rodenberry had no apparent effect.

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