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Smooth Operator Turning Into A Giant Roll Of Life Savers
by Mark on 2/27/2005 (0)

mmmm...cherry editorials and orange forums!
SMOOTH OPERATOR SITE NEWS - In a concerted creative effort, Smooth Operator webmaster/noted cheapskate editor Kris Steele has announced "A move to turn the web site into a rainbow of candy colors" reminiscent of a roll of Life Savers candy.

"We realize that succeeding on the Web today is a multimedia experience of both visual and the written word, and are responding in turn."

Steele reflected, tossing a root beer Life Saver in a distant office trash can like Willy Wonka tossing a midget Oompa-Loompa into a vanilla creme custard filled river

"I've chosen pastel and candy colors in the story labels, avatars, forum fonts, poll frames and master headers. It's pure chocolate-coated-honey-pistachio-baklava-goodness, as I see it, and am confident that Smooth Operator will continue to set landmark Internet trends as usual."

Reader response is still forthcoming, although Steele plans a waiver pop-up advising: "Caution: licking monitors can be dangerous to your health and/or marriage."

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