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Little Sister Gains Upper Hand In Family Judo Lessons
by Mark on 3/12/2005 (0)

"Mamasan! Aieee!!"
TOKYO - Yoshi and Keiko Yamato, enrolled in a local Judo fitness-self defense course, produce unexpected results

10 year old Keiko Yamato circled around her 11 year old brother Yoshi like a buzzard circling around a decomposing cadaver

"You are too slow, Yoshi! Watch as I execute perfect soto gaeshi, or outside sweep, before smashing big brother-san to floor with surprise O Goshi or hip throw! Easy as making Soba noodles! Hai!"

Yoshi crashed to floor with a squishy thud, bounded to his feet and ran screaming to his mom, Toyo

"M-Mamsan!...Mamasan! Aieee!! Get terrible Keiko away from me! Aieee!!"

Yoshi and Keiko's mom, Toyo Yamato, softly patted her tearful sons head with kind reassurance, laughing gently to herself, a gleam in her eye.

"This is not at all unusual. As boys and girls enter adolescence, girls actually grow faster, and have a few years of greater strength than boys, before boys grow into men a few years later. I forsee little harm in letting Keiko have a few good years before the tables turn. After all, I was a little girl with big brothers once myself, you know."

In the meanwhile, Keiko would gleefully continue to terrorize her bigger brother with textbook uchi mawashi blade thrusts, Ippon Seoi Nage shoulder throws and Kesa Gatame take-downs until her family relocates to the Nagoya junior high school system sometime in

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