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Bush Appoints Sumo Dad to Cabinet
by Mark on 3/22/2005 (0)

"Well, uh...ya' gotta admit, he's, uh...big"
WASHINGTON, DC - In a seemingly bizzarro twist on foreign policy, George W. Bush has appointed "Sumo Dad" Junichiro Koizumi as special Mideast council, pending cabinet approval this Monday. Bush elaborates

"Well...uh, I, uh...appointed....Sumo Dad as foreign minister to the Middle East, because he's...uh....big, real big. And it's my seeing this thing that if the terrorists, and uh, other people who want to hurt America, see Sumo Dad, they'll get scared, because they'll think he'll sit down on them and, uh...squash em'!"

Sumo Dad reportedly has not offered any observations or resistance to his appointment, primarily because he doesn't speak any English.

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