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Earth Day Party Pictures
by Kris on 4/24/2005 (0)

Thirty-five years ago, experts came to the conclusion that even though today's calendar was full to the brim with commercialized holidays, Americans could stomach one more. Under the guise of protecting the Earth for future generations, Earth Day was born. Now seriously, who are they kidding? If I've learned anything from television and movies, the future will be a barren land ruled over by robots and giant floating brains. Our future generations will be enslaved and living in cages or working deep underground in spice mines, so I say let's make a mess of this place while we still can! So with that thought in mind and sweet whiskey running through my veins, I throw a yearly Earth Day party in honor of this sham holiday. Here are some pictures I took of this year's celebration.

No Earth day is complete without an Earth Day tree. Dressed in my tree cutting attire, I headed into the woods to select a victim.

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect tree. After a couple of hours of trying (and after cutting down a tree or two), I finally gave up and returned to my apartment

Pretty soon, there was a knock at my door. It was my good friends Optimus Prime and Skeletor, just in time for the party.

Skeletor brought some snacks, but we opted to save them for later.

I suggested to Optimus Prime that we watch his favorite movie, Wizard of Oz.

We decided to have a few drinks while the movie played. Optimus Prime got pretty tipsy and nearly fell down behind the couch.

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