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Iranians Elect Scarface To Presidential Seat
by Mark on 7/10/2005 (0)

"I'm Tony Montana, chu fuckin' Putin pelican face!"
In a election fraud shocker, the newly inflamed right wing Iranian majority has elected Tony "Scarface" Montana to the countries highest office this July. AP correspondent Suzanne Smithers explains:

"The recent revival of radical Islam, fueled by fears of the American invasion of Iraq and bolstered by successful terrorist attacks against Western targets has squelched the growing moderate movement in Iran and retro-stepped the nation into radical politics, the likes of those never seen here before. Montana's crime and violence ridden background as an illegal Cuban refugee and cocaine kingpin did not seem to dampen the Iranian people's decision. Whether Montana was fraudulentally elected or not is no longer an issue, and his power and presence at the top of Iran's political structure will promise to renew fear and apprehension to the West in their desire to insert Western values and democracy into the conservative Muslim world."

Addressing a roaring Iranian crowd, Montana fumed

"I neva fucked anybody over in my life, who didn't have it comin' to 'im, you got that? All I have in this world is my balls, and my word, and I don't break 'em for no one, jou understand?! And fuck Blair, and fuck the fuckin' Bush brothers! Fuck'em all! I bury those cock-a-roaches!"

No word is out from the Bush administration as to how to handle Montana's victory, but Rumsfeld promised "I'm Donny Rumsfeld! You fuck wit me, you fuckin' wit da best!"isplay:non

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