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Friday Mailbag-Contest Edition
by Mark on 7/15/2005 (0)

O.k., in the words of FF4's good ol' pile o' bricks, Benjamin "The Thing" Grimm, It's clobberin' time!

That's right, you can clobber us with your razor wit and creative literary genius in our Friday Mailbag "fill in the blanks" contest! We will pick the top five entries and post them in the next edition! Hoot!

George W. Bush was seen wearing a ________

Al Gore invented the Internet and the ________

John Kerry has a bad case of ________

Condoleeza Rice has a nice ________

Donald Rumsfeld can't resist ________

Osama was last seen ________

Tony Blair has an extra set of ________

Celine Dion was born with ________

The Olson Twins are really ________

The best use for a Shop Vac is ________

Send entries to:

Please keep it creative, not neccesarily "clean" per se, just highly creative. We are looking for that "X" factor. Do YOU have it? Enter now!

Smooth Operator writers are not eligible. Good luck!

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