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Some Really Cool Cars
by Mark on 7/24/2005 (20)

Check these cars out. Wow!

Mach 5: A real life rendition of the 1960's Japanese Anime genre cartoon "Speed Racer", is custom built by Speed Racer Auto works, LLC, and is the exclusive world-wide licensee for the development and sale for the Mach 5 and all other vehicles featured in the Speed Racer cartoon series. Is it possible to lust after a car? This one, it is!

Racer X: Built by the same company that built the Mach 5, The Racer X car, Shooting Star, was probably the more difficult of the two to bring to life, as it conceals many soft lines and liquid shapes. Still very seductive, nonetheless.

Original Batmobile: The original 1966 TV series Batmobile was a one of a kind 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, built for the then, and even now, fantastic sum of 250,000 dollars. With such bold and testy features as lacking roll down windows (airflow was supplied through the cabin from ducts under the chassis), the massive 2 ton car understandably never hit mass production, and wound up in the hands of automotive designer George Barris, commissioned to build a car for the TV series. Inherently bat-like in shape, the car was a bat-natural, and was sold to Barris by Lincoln for the amazing sum of one bat-dollar!

Back to the Future Delorean: The famous Back to the Future "Mister Fusion" time machine is neatly tucked inside the ubiquitous stainless steel bodied Delorean gull-wing dream machine, powered by a rear-mounted, 130-horsepower Peugeot-Renault-Volvo fuel-injected, aluminum, 2.8-liter V-6 engine with a Bosch K Jetronic fuel-injection system. It sits on a Lotus-designed, double-Y, backbone-frame chassis and features independent four-wheel suspension. Only 8353 Deloreans were built, including two 24 karat gold plated variations. Still fresh in appearance and performance since it's induction in 1981, the Delorean still keeps dreams of going back to future alive, flux capacitor not included!

ThrustSSC (Thrust-powered SuperSonic Car): More of a F-15 fighter without wings than a car, the ThrustSSC was designed to crack the elusive land sound barrier with the help of a Cray super computer in May of 1994. Funded by Castrol and built by engineer Richard Noble, on September 25th of 1997, the ThrustSSC team reached their goal by setting a new World Land Speed Record, with a two-way average speed of 714.144 m.p.h, shortly afterword punching a supersonic hole in the sco

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1. by Louie on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
I'd hit itisplay:none"> </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
2. by Limbo on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
These cars need more cowbell!"0" st </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
3. by WTF on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
Omgbbq its a trap!ispla </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
4. by dartus on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
nice ultra super small pics, I can really see the detail. :( </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
5. by Christian on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
Incredible, I rarely see DeLorean coverage that gets the technical facts right (although the production number seems about double what it actually was). Good read.?s </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
6. by Motz, author on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
You were right. it is 8353, including the two gold. Thanks for the heads up!uildi </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
7. by COCAINE! on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
lotus man was a coke head. how neat!t </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
8. by CoolerCars on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
Including (BAM! BASH! OHHH!) The Batmobile </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
9. by fb- on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
I'd hit itone" </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
10. by on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
Your rating system on the bottom of the page looks like Page Numbers... clicked on '2' to see the second page, instead I gave the article a rating of '2'. Sorry, really not bad :)n </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
11. by thatguy on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
The DeLorean in the movie wasn't a real one though, IIRC; it was a custom-built mockup on a, uh, Toyota chassis I think, I forget. It's in the 'Making Of' documentary.go.p </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
12. by seth on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
"By 2050 it is likely that all cars will be hydrogen powered, leaving the West's unholy dependence on O.P.E.C oil in the ash pile of history, alongside the steam train and the horse and buggy." Hook, line and sinker. A few problems with that statement: 1) hydrogen is a energy storage device (like a battery) not an energy source (like oil) 2) hydrogen is either made directly from fossil fuels like OPEC oil, or from electricity made from burning fossil fuels 3) hydrogen care are actually less efficient that hybrids cars. 4) The Hydrogen Economy (TM) is pure hype invented to distract people from how inefficient cars are </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
13. by Motz, author on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
Actually, I'm counting on non-carbon based source of electricity to "crack" water in hydrogen, such as nuclear, windmill, hydro, wave and solar. Nuclear and hydro are the best high density "green" sources availableone"></ifr </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
14. by Rex Racer on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
Nice description of the "Racer X car". Too bad they didn't include the name... Shooting Star. </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
15. by Albert on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
I like it when you guys show really small pics, so we won't be bothered with any cool detail and close-ups </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
16. by w0mbat on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
The BMW hydrogen car is lame. Proper hi-tech hydrogen cars are based on fuel cells, which generate electricity without needing pistons."0" s </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
17. by Motz, author on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
I was almost inclined to include a fuel cell car in the story, but my focus was more on "cool" cars, per se. I wanted one example to indicate that gasoline burners are nearly extinct, thankfully so, and picked a production car already available to the public. The 745h fit the bill.n.r </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
18. by finger on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
Yeah that rating thing got me too. internets... ..hit it. ...etcgo </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
19. by Cec on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
The rating thing got me as well. Thought it was a page number.go.p </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
20. by ghk on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
I thought it was a page number, too. However, I have a the capability to read, so I noticed that it was a rating number before clicking on it. </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>

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