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Burger King Manager Laments Loss Of 'The Perfect Employee'
by Mark on 8/30/2005 (0)

I'd like a Whopper with extra spit and pickles, and don't forget to forget the fries!
DETROIT, MI - Chandler street, Burger King manager/owner Vic Coletta laments losing "The best damn employee I ever had."

Sitting dejectedly with his 'Big King' paper crown hat in hand, Coletta sadly reminisced.

"M-Man, this is tough. Otis Sistrunk was The Man. He was the only, I repeat only, intercom jockey that got every order right. If a drive thru jerk asked for a Bacon-crisp tender cheddar ranch without mayo and extra bacon, he nailed it. If they ordered chicken fries with extra honey mustard, he nailed, right down to the "extra" part. If a green Chevy Cavalier had to pull up for a special order Big Fish, he took it to the Green Chevy Cavalier, and not the red Geo. He never spit in the food -which is more than I can say- and he never forgot napkins and straws, *sob*, I'm screwed, man! Sistrunk's type will never pass this way again!"

Compensating for Sistrunk's unforseen return to community college, Coletta grudgingly anticipates putting in long hours until he hires a replacement, shrugging "If the change goes in the customers hand and not his employees pockets" he usually considers himself "pretty damn lucky."go.

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