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Late Night Snack Merges Dangerously Close With Early Morning Breakfast
by Mark on 10/31/2005 (0)

Breakfast isn't just for lunch anymore!
BACON, WI - A late night snack of fried chicken wing dings, Ruffles potato chips and sour pickles merged suspiciously close to breakfast time, according to noted insomniac Casey "K.C." Pletcher. K.C. explains:

"I was watching COPS reruns after the late-nite news, and grabbed some Chipotle's leftovers from the fridge. Well, time sure flies in the cool, quiet hours of the night, and before I knew it it was 4:30 A.M., which placed me ominously close on the cusps of breakfast time."

K.C. rubbed his belly and scratched his brow grievously.

"I found myself in quite the pickle, so to speak. What was I to do? Put the wing dings and chips down and fry up some bacon and eggs? Can't eat a pickle for breakfast, that's for darn sure, just ain't breakfasty!"

Indeed, K.C. Pletcher had previously ran smack into a similar dilemma with late night beer drinking as well.

"When is it too late, or too early, to drink a cold one? 2:30 A.M.? 4:00 A.M.? At a certain point in time, you cross the line from enjoying a late night beer to drinking beer for breakfast, which would make me an least I think. And when should you stop, or start, drinking cofee? I'm a bit fuzzy on that one too."

Pletcher's dilemma was solved by substituting a glass of grapefruit juice for the pickles, and combining a western omelet with the wing dings, quipping "I'd like to resolve the matter before 11:00 A.M., before it spills, along with my guts, over into lunchtime."isplay:none">

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