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Bush Appoints House M.D. To Surgeon General Post
by Mark on 11/5/2005 (0)

You can think I'm wrong, but that's no reason to quit thinking!
(AP) In an only moderately surprising stunt nomination, President George W. Bush appointed TV's Gregory House M.D. to the Surgeon General post late Friday. The nomination came as no surprise to many Washington analysts and insiders, as the salty, matter-of-factual House M.D. persona forms perfectly to the Bush administration's emphasis on prevention rather than cure.

When prodded how he would combat AIDS, House quipped "If you don't want to catch something, play soccer. If you want to catch something, put on a catcher's mit and let a strange man in a mask stand behind you.", on how he would fit his bird flu prevention agenda into the U.N's, "It turned out all of their best judgments were not good enough. Here's an idea: next time, use mine." and on obesity in America: "Try starting by super-sizing your coffin. By the time you get your wide ass to the check out, you'll already be half-way home."

No opposition to House's nomination have surfaced as yet, although the White House has already reportedly earmarked $500,000 a year for legal fees.ig

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