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My Mom, The Marsupial
by Mark on 1/15/2006 (1)

My mother was different. Different in a really, really big way. Unlike other moms, she did not have a uterus to harbor and grow a zygote released by her ovaries. My mom had a pouch. When I was little, about 1 cm across, I have vague memories of nestling inside her pouch and feeding on one of her many teats. It was a strange, warm, wonderful world. My mom was very special.

My mother was a marsupial.

Growing up as a marsupial child was very different than regular humans. When I was old enough to walk, I still would retreat to the safety and secure confines of her pouch to rest and catch a free ride from time to time. Mother would gently remove me, and scold "Honey, it's time you learned to walk around on your own. I can't carry you in my pouch forever."

As I grew into teen years, I was too large to fit inside her pouch anymore, but would sometimes make futile attempts at doing so. When I was suspended from school for fighting, (the kids Knew I was a marsupial child, and would call me kangaroo boy, and such) I would long to return to the safety of the pouch, and mother would sense that and softly shake her head, "sweety, don't even think about it. Your a big boy now. You'd never fit."

When I went away to college, I would find myself making substitute pouches to retreat to. Sometimes I would sit at the back of the class and surround myself with empty desks for a sense of security, or I would crawl in bed in my dorm with a big, fluffy cover and pull it over my head to keep the world out. It was never really the same as the real thing, but it helped.

As I grew into adulthood, I gradually lost my desire to flee to the pouch, for the greater part. I rarely think about it, even when I visited my mom. From time to time, though, she let me lie on the couch with my head on her abdomen, and it felt right.

Mother passed away last year. I have 2 children of my own, but my wife is a placental mom, and they were born in the more common fashion. I've noticed my kids are far more independent than I, probably because they have no marsupial pouch to flee to. Now matter how hard I try to break the bond, I have accepted that I will be a marsupial child for the remainder of my life, and probably a little less prepared or adjusted than most other people, but I have no shame or regrets.

I've joined a marsupial support group, and enjoy the company of other marsupial children from around the world, and the comradery is very comforting. The director, however, is a placental, and is short tempered and snippy at times. We just glance at each other and smile.

What else would you expect? Once a placental always a placental!

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1. by Motz on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
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