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Local Man's Monthly Gasoline Costs Exceed Monthly Car Payment
by Mark on 6/1/2006 (0)

Gas er' up, Elmo!
OIL CITY, TX - Local florist delivery man Bob Volanksi recently lamented "paying more per month on gas than my Geo Metro car note."

Tapping a credit card on his knee, Volanksi fitfully described.

"This is crazy! I pay 100 bucks a month on my Geo car note and about 130 plus on gas! I might as well sign my title over to Shell Oil. I'm not sure how oil companies can charge $3.00 a gallon for gas while blaming OPEC, terrorism and increased world demand and still be making all time record-high profits, but I'm the little guy who's taking it on the chin, that's for sure. Do you know how many Poinsettias I'll have to deliver this Christmas to pay the rent? I shudder to think about it."

Indeed, the Oil Industry is awash in record levels of cash but a smaller portion of profits is going to find new oil discoveries. By just about any measure, the past three years have produced one of the biggest cash gushers in the oil industry's history. Since January of 2002, the price of crude has tripled, leaving oil producers deluged with profit. During that period, the top 10 major public oil companies have sold some $1.5 trillion worth of crude, pocketing profits of more than $125 billion.

Where does the money go? One would hope to believe that Big Oil is not simply raping already cash-strapped Americans strictly for the self-vested gain of a few priviledged, already financially engorged elite, and why hasn't the Bush administration at very least raised a voice of protest, or even suggested introducing emergency Federal legislation to dilute some of the record profits into lower gas prices? One can only speculate.

While owners of high priced luxury cars do not share the same skewed car payment/gas cost ration that plagues Volanski, BMW Z4-M Roadster owner Tommy Schmales griped "I pay more in child support every month than I do on hair plugs, greens fees at Bushweiser Country Club and speeding tickets combined.""0" sty0" style

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