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Radio Control Aircraft Club Somberly Marks 100th Scale Model Crash
by Mark on 7/27/2006 (0)

A little lower...little lower...little higher! Uh, too late!
OSHKOSH, WI - The Oshkosh Experimental Model Aircraft Association recently "Unceremoniously wrecked its 100th painstakingly constructed flying model aircraft" according to OEMAA member Josh Hoegler.

With flight cap in hand and head bowed, Hoegler solemnly addressed a silent congregation of fellow scale model airplane enthusiasts like Martin Luther before the Diet of Wurms.

"Today, a terrible milestone has been reached. Little Jimmy Skufka's 1/4 scale, faithful reproduction of the famous 1930's Gee Bee flying sportster was dashed to pieces only seconds after takeoff. An investigation is still pending, but all indications suggest that operator error was the cause. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Skufka and the 2000 hours and 1500 dollars he put into building his prized model, and a fund for donations will be dutifully set up to defray the costs of retrieval and repair. Godspeed, Jimmy boy, Godspeed!"

Indeed, 99 other meticulously crafted aircraft shared the same fate as Skufka's ill-fated Gee Bee. A recent left engine failure totally destroyed a 1/15 scale, 6 foot long 4-engine replica of the famous WWII era B-26 bomber Flak Bait, which was last seen, according to eye-witnesses "Pirouetting down in a flaming ball of smoke and fire. No parachutes were observed." and a flawless replica of a Sikorsky Seahorse helicopter that "Lopped off a ham radio antenna from a ford Explorer truck and hopped along crazily for a few hundred yards before finally augering in a sand trap on a nearby golf course."

"The list is long and hard. The names are always the same. Only the dates change."

Hoegler croaked amidst the smell of aviation fuel and the high pitched buzzy bee whine of an obviously struggling 1/15 scale P-51 Glamorous Glennis Mustang replica

"We must go on. We will not be deterred. Many men have walked in the same footsteps as we, and have endured. We shall endure as well."

After a somber procession before a Tester's model glue kiosk and a few chocolate glazed donuts, the club members turned their attention to some of their other loss-leader hobbies, including ice sculpting, rocket launching and "Trying to figure out a way to blast a pumpkin over a mile out of a cannon without getting killed, maimed or arrested."isplay0" style="display:no

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