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Ailing Chimp Gets Teeth Fixed, Makes Up For Time Lost Ailing
by Mark on 8/10/2006 (0)

Move it on over, bad ol' chimp is movin' in!
NY - Bobo, an 18 year old African Chimpanzee reportedly "seriously made up for lost time" after getting 3 cavity ridden molars filled by a kind-hearted Veterinarian at the Central Park zoo late Friday.

"Bobo was given to us as a gift by a private Chimpanzee keeper in Nairobi, and he was in bad shape. His teeth were riddled with cavities, and he couldn't eat. He was at least 35 lbs. underweight, and didn't seem to take an interest in anything but moping about and sleeping." Recanted zoo keeper Jane Goodman. "We put out a call for a volunteer vet, and found someone to fix Bobo's teeth for free. We were ecstatic."

Volunteer Veterinarian Dr. Hans Krebbs gingerly anesthetized Bobo, and successfully filled 3 badly abscessed molars. Bobo recovered dramatically, eagerly consumed every piece of fruit given to him, and quickly regained his vigor. In short order, Bobo began to show interest in the local tribe of 6 other chimps in the zoo habitat.

"Problem is, now that he's healthy, he's asserted himself as an unusually aggressive dominant male. He basically terrorizes all the other chimps, steals their food and mates with the females whether they are receptive or not. The other chimps are scared to death of him. I hate to say it, but now I'm not sure we made the right call. To put it in laymans terms, now that he's regained his strength, Bobo has turned out to be somewhat of a dick, to say the least."

Officials at the Nairobi habitat that donated Bobo declined to comment on his unexpected turnabout, but did slyly admit that "It's best to get to know a chimp when he's feeling well first. They don't creep up on you that way."

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