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Local Dog Smells Man's Balls, Detects Deadly Cancer
by Mark on 10/6/2006 (0)

BILLIARDS, PA - Magic, a 2 year old Golden Retriever, reportedly saved his owner's life by detecting potentially deadly testicular cancer, according to the heroic pets owner Josh Ramsey. Ramsey breathlessly describes.

"We found Magic abandoned at a dog pound 3 months back, and we knew he was special then." Recanted a shaken and relieved Ramsey. "About 2 months back, he kept sticking his snoot into my crotch area, and sniffing my scrotal region. No matter how hard I tried to discourage him, he persisted, and then I heard a story about a dog who saved his masters life by sniffing her breast cancer. On a hunch I went to see my doctor, and sure enough, he found malignant testicular cancer, in an early curable stage, thank god. My doc says he believes that certain cancers emit chemical hormones that only dogs can pick up with their keen sense of smell, although I like to think that Magic was consciously trying to save my life, although I'm sure that's kind of silly. In any case, deliberate or not, I'm grateful beyond words. He'll be getting steak for dinner tonight for sure!"

In fact, it was his owner's curious south of the border effluence that attracted Magic to his ailing undercarriage in the first place, although unbeknown to Ramsey, Magic had also made a regular habit of 'diagnosing' his wife's butt crack, the mail mans boots, and the neighbors cat Jum Jum's 'one eyed winky' as wellone">

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