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Nancy Pelosi Crosses Road, Almost Gets To The Other Side
by Mark on 11/17/2006 (0)

Where's Al Bundy when you need him?!
In an only mildly surprising turnabout, Democrat Nancy Pelosi has raised cackles and ruffled feathers from the Commander in Chief on down on the D.C. politico scene, promising transparency and culpability from the White House, with nary a drumstick nor giblet left unturned.

Dubya tapped a boiled egg against FDR's old oak desk in the Oval Office, grinning mischievously

"Nancy's a tough egg to crack. But, I uh, have hope and faith that we can avoid further division along party lines, and ensure bipartisan cooperation, to keep America safe, and uh, do what's right for the American people. Nancy comes from the unfeathered, I mean unfettered, side of the Democratic party, and I'm sure she's working around the cluck, I mean clock, after all, and I, uh, think we can overcome any obstacles that may arise in the hen house, I mean House of Representatives, that is, and that ain't a poultry statement, I mean paltry, yep!"

No word is out if Pelosi shares Bush's rosy-hued Pollyanna outlook on cooperative bipartisanism in U.S. politics, but Dubya congenially quipped, "You know what happened to the chicken whose feathers were all pointing the wrong way? She got tickled to death!"

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