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Exotic Erotic Imagery Taints Local Couples Asian Culinary Expedition
by Mark on 12/2/2006 (1)

Now That's what I call Lo Mein Fung!
PLAINEVILLE, OH - Plaineville, Ohio couple Donna and Sal Kowalski recently experienced "more than a trifle" of exotic erotic culinary imagery after dining out at the Hunan Dragon late night Saturday. Fumbling a set of chopsticks like a pair of Ben Wa balls, Donna explains.

"This place is so beautiful and exotic. With all of the Asian decorations and soft Oriental music and lighting and stuff, I began to wonder what, you know, Asian men taste like. I mean, do they taste like duck sauce? Or Hoisin? I can't see any way around it, I mean, they eat this stuff all the time, right? Gawd, I feel so guilty!

In a concurrent quandary, Stan Kowalski simultaneously concluded

"Hmm...All of these pretty Asian girls all around...I bet they taste like Soy Sauce and Lo Mein Fung, minus the Fung! I'd like to sink my tongue into their Chicken Almond Ding, that's for damn sure!"

Stan and Donna Kowalski are far from alone.

All across America, and indeed the world, diners eagerly seek out exotic culinary fare, not only for nutritional variety, but for erotic variety as well. Indeed, this 'exotic erotic' seeking is merely the human genome pressing the organism to seek out and diversify ones genetics, as to insure that robust, healthy chromosomes are passed down to new generations outside of ones familiar tribe. Custom, art, and even food often heighten this interest in the foreign, and can often lead to sexual activity as an oblique, yet direct result.

"Ahh, what's your fortune cookie say, Stan?" Donna shyly inquired. "I think it says we do Swedish next weekend. Or maybe Italian. Oh, what the hell, we'll do both!

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1. by Jake on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
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