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Cheap Chinese Razors Lacerate Leggy Local Gal
by Mark on 12/27/2006 (0)

SHANGHAI, IL - Shanghai, Illinois, resident Lyssa Honeycutt recently described "getting peeled like a mother frickin' potato" while shaving her legs with a cheap, Chinese disposable razor. Honeycutt describes.

"*Sigh*. The things we women do for vanity. G-God! Next time I'll think I'll try waxing, Youch!" Lamented Honeycutt between daubs of tissue and swipes of sceptic stick. "I bought these Chinese made razors for a dollar a dozen at Walmart, and they're not even worth the plastic they're packaged in. I might as well have used a shard of jagged glass instead. Woulda done a better job!"

Honeycutt is not alone.

Cheap Chinese goods flood the world marketplace, from asymmetric T-shirts, answering machines that don't answer, blenders that don't blend, and chicken Raman soup that tastes neither like soup nor chicken. While the concept of free world trade and cheap plentiful goods is at least sound in the theory, the results often leave much to be desired.

"What do you expect for a dollar? You get what you pay for, I guess. I'll just grit my teeth and be as careful as I can, I suppose."

When prodded if she would ever consider buying more of the 'Happy Shaver Joyful Razors' again, Honeycutt pitifully murmured "P-Probably so. My job got outsourced to China, and I'm as flat as a floosie on a table in a rodeo bar on dollar beer night, and that's not counting tips, neither!"isplay:none"

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