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MySpace Dude Thanks God For Chicks That Put Out
by Mark on 1/9/2007 (0)

Name: Kris

Location: My fist on your chin

Turn ons: Chicks that put out, mag wheels, power drills, BBQ beef brisket, funny chimpanzees in the movies, swords, Fridays, Nintendo, wide collars, kicking the crap out of people who cheese me off, job promotions, the NBA, Bud Lite, triple bacon cheeseburgers, Star Wars, Alien 3, sick days, electronic chess, midget toss competitions, mostly white sandy beaches, Foosball, flu shots, IPOD's, meatball subs, chain saws, compound bows, Sports Illustrated, Buffalo Wings, kitchen crowbars, Plasma TV's, belt sanders, sump pumps, Blockbuster, 3 button mice, free food coupons, Superbowl, Dutch rubs, getting right in and out of a drive thru, Velcro bra straps.

Turn offs: Chicks that put out, getting punched in the head with a pineapple, wedgies, Mondays, not being able to kick the crap out of people who cheese me off, Soccer, vegetables, being passed over for promotion at work, wrought iron lawn furniture, Beethoven, Usher, U-2, Atari, The Gap, Potpourri scented sachets, one piece bathing suits, 2 button mice, dial-up modems, paper cuts, flat tires, guys who call me 'Yo, Ace!', utility bills, running out of toilet paper, child support, waiting in line at the drive thru, hook and loop bra straps.

Favorite quote: "You Suck!"is

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