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Barack Obama: My Name Is NOT Barack Osama
by Mark on 2/11/2007 (0)

Barack Osama...Whoops, I mean Obama!
(AP) Queer-fish ultra-liberal quasi-Muslim Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama recently recanted for anxious press and DNC supporters for the "umpteenth billionth time" that his name is not alarmingly close to America's public enemy number one Osama Bin Laden, nor is he a latent, closeted Muslim.

"Well, my name's Obama, not Osama, and I only went to Muslim school as a child but converted to Christianity later on. How is that going to hurt my chances? Yeah sure, Islam is the preferred theological choice of angry American blacks too, but I'm not black, well half black...or half white, or half whatever."

Barack Obama's appeal is, quite simply, the creative product of leftist Hollywood writers, as featured in the hit series '24', that depicts actor Dennis Haysbert as Palmer, America's first black President, and blacks depicted as virile and socially indefatigable in MTV's Hip Hop music videos. Add in highly visible media giants such as Oprah, Bill Cosby, Quincy Jones et. al., and you have a very potent, sexy and trendy black persona that generates pop-politico excitement and star appeal which pins Obama's Presidential hopes on hypnotizing a largely jaded, white conservative majority into a spurious, underground vote keenly influenced by popular media. Whether a 45 year old freshman Senator, black or white, is capable of running the country is a mute point in the context of Obama's rather cliquish appeal, and is totally beside his actual electionability, indeed.

A juiced and hissing Hillary Rodham Clinton, however, snarled in between gulps of black coffee and skewed strawberry lipstick daubs reviling "Obama, Osama, yeah whatever. What I see is a royal Islamic metaphorical pain in the ass that spells G-O-P victory again in 2008, not to mention totally pissing me off, so try putting a veil on the face of that pair of donkey ass ugly ambitions!0" style="display:no

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