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by Kris on 12/30/2009 6:38:41 AM

Since switching over to the new website layout, December 2009 has become our most visited month EVER (with two days to go!). Unfortunately I can't compare this to all time numbers (since the tracking system is different) but it's probably our high over the last few years (I think around 2004-2005 was our high all time).

So far we have 24,679 unique visitors this month... one year ago, December saw a measly 8,146 uique visitors.

There has been a steep increase in viewers/readers since October of this year (I'm not sure why, since we haven't been overly active writing, but people are coming).

Our Alexa ranking is aweful, which still surprizes me (my blog is ranked a lot higher but I know that this website gets three times the traffic).

Onward to 2010!ig
by Kris on 3/4/2010 1:58:22 PM

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