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The sites on this list are our friends, either because we like them or because they've sent us tons of traffic or because of some other third reason. Either way, show them some love and take a look. is a site that lets you rank all kinds of real and fictionaly people on a scale of one to ten, detemining once and for all who the most evil person ever is.

Humorfeed is a great service to humor and satire websites. Humorfeed has a feed, updated daily, of many of the best satire and humor articles on the web. Smooth Operator is a long time contributor to HumorFeed.

What can we say, we find a fictional caricature of a B-list celebrity who is totally full of himself to be pretty darn funny.
Technology/computer blog written by Smooth Operator writer/webmaster Kris.
The intimate thoughts of a very evil, angry robot.

A good bunch of guys (though not all of them are real) and a good amount of funny stuff.
Website dedicated to Starcraft 2 news and information.


Fark is perhaps the biggest collection of links online. We figured we would link them because occassionally they link one of our stories and send us a massive amount of traffic. We're now returning the favor.


The good Doctor is a radio DJ from Florida who seems to have a soft spot for aspiring satire writers. Both Kris and Mark have appeared live on his radio show, now that's friendship!

Everyone hated him on Star Trek, but now he's got a blog site and everyone loves him. Visit his site and tell him you want him to link to! Yes, that's our entire reason for linking to him!

Not just anyone makes our friends list, and we're not gonna just put people on here because you ask. If you want a simple link exchange, click here to sign up as a Referral. If you want on the Friends list, send us a bunch of traffic, takes us out for dinner, shower us with gifts, or be a B-List celebrity .




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